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Instructions for Using SmartSchedule

After installing SmartSchedule Appointment Software for the first time, you will need to enter your preferences in the Application Settings. Click on Home, Settings, Application Settings.

Scheduling Software - Application setting



Appointment Schedule Software - Recall Messages

Tick this option if you would like to send a message to your customers after a specific time frame to encourage them to come and see you again. Eg. An Optometrist might want to recall their customers every 12 to 18 months or an Oral Hygienist might want to recall their customers every 6 months.

Using the Message Templates 
By using the message templates provided you are able to save the default message that your customers will receive. You can insert fields into the message which will automatically add the relevant details from your customer database to the message. 
For example, your template will look like this:
Dear [NAME], pls be reminded of your appointment at [START_TIME] on [START_DATE] with [RESOURCE]. Thank you. Medicare 021 555 8855
The message will then look something like this:
Dear John, pls be reminded of your appointment at 09h00 on 10 Feb 2010 with Dr Smith. Thank you. Medicare 021 555 8855
You are allocated 160 characters for your SMS. We recommend that you only use about 155 characters for the body of the message so that you leave enough space for fields that may have more characters than expected. 
Example: [NAME] = 6 characters, but the customers’ name might be Jonathan, which is 8 characters in length.
Account Settings Tab
This tab contains the username and password that you used to register. These details are required in order for the SMS functionality to work properly. If you lose this information, exit SmartSchedule and login again. The Login Screen will give you an opportunity to retrieve your login details.
Database Tab
It is recommended to keep the default database settings, however they can be changed here if necessary.
Connections Tab
If your business uses a proxy server to connect to the internet, you can enter the proxy details here. Select Connection Type, Connect to the internet via a proxy. Enter all the proxy details. If you do not know all the details, ask your network administrator for assistance.
If you need further assistance with your setup, please send us an email and we will call you to assist you.

General Tab 
The “Remember my password” option can be ticked if you do not want to type your password in every time you access the application
Tick “Minimize at startup” if you would like the application to minimize to the bottom task bar. 
SMS Settings
It is advisable to have “Enable “SMS Auto Check” selected so that the application can check for new messages and send messages automatically.  If you do not have this ticked, you will have to press Send and Receive manually on the Home Screen.
Your default country code should be entered here.
Appointment Settings
Tick the “Show work time only” box if you do not want to see any additional time on the calendar (after hours)
Work time is the start and end time of your working day. You would add appointments during this time.
Visible time is additional time you would like the calendar to show (after hours), even though you don’t insert appointments.
“Send scheduled messages between work times only” should be ticked so that you don’t invade your customers’ privacy by sending messages after hours. Scheduled messages will only be sent during the start and end work times that you specify.
Appointment Messages Tab 
Appointment Reminders
Schedule Software - Appointment Reminders
Tick this option if you would like to send appointment reminders to your customers. You can select how far in advance you would like to send the reminder eg. 1 day or 1 hour etc.
Post Appointment Messages
Appointment Software - Appointment Messages
Tick this option if you would like to send a message to your customers after the appointment to thank them for visiting you. You can select how far after the appointment start time you would like to send the reminder eg. 1 day or 1 hour etc.
Recall Messages
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