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SmartSchedule Features & Pricing

Smartschedule will help you reduce your "no-show" rate and enjoy huge savings on your telephone bill.  No need to phone customers to remind them of their appointments or to make payments on their accounts etc...

All reminders are sent automatically. The SMS messages are personalised eg. "Dear Jane..." The system will extract the customers name from the database automatically. All you need to do is insert the appointment on the calendar, the rest is taken care of by SmartSchedule!

Why SMS?

  • SMS is less invasive, your customers might be in meetings when you try and call them, with SMS, they can view the message in their own time.
  • SMS is in writing. They cannot forget their appointment time, they simply open the sms to check. 


R250 per bundle of 250 SMS messages.  Your SMS's do not expire and there is no additional cost for the software, its included in the SMS cost.

Additional Information:  
  • The Smartschedule software is free of charge, you only pay for the SMS bundles.

  •  Please send an email to and we will send you an invoice and bank details.

Appointment Scheduler Download         

Trial version includes 5 FREE SMS Messages for testing purposes.


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