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Frequently Asked Questions About SmartSchedule

Can SmartShedule send general SMS Messages?

Yes, the software can send general SMS messages and also automatic messages.

How does SmartSchedule save me money?

SmartSchedule will reduce your telephone bill significantly as you can communicate with your customers by SMS.  Your monthly telephone bill savings will pay for SmartSchedule.

Is it better to contact my customers by SMS or telephone?

SMS messages are non-invasive.  Your customers might be in a meeting or driving a vehicle when you try to call them by telephone.  With an SMS, your customers can read them in their own time.  Your customers will always be able to refer back to their SMS message to double check their appointment time.

Can my customers reply to SMS messages that are sent from SmartSchedule?

Yes, SmartSchedule has an inbox, just like email, you will be able to see incoming messages on your pc. 

Can I send bulk SMS messages to my customers?

Yes, you can add all your contacts to a group and then send a message to the group.

Can I have more than one resource on the calendar?

Yes, you can have up to 5 resources (staff members) on the appointment screen.  SmartSchedule can even add the resource name to each message.

Can SmartSchedule recall my customers for future appointments?

One of the key benefits of SmartSchedule is that you can recall your customers in the future.  For example, an Optometrist can recall their customers in 12 months time for their eye test.  This happens automatically!

Can SmartSchedule send emails?

No, SmartSchedule is designed as an SMS program only.

 How do you know if the appointment has been saved?

If the name of the contact shows in the specific time on the calendar, it has been saved and the SMS will get sent.

How can I change any personal details on my SmartSchedule account?

If you find it necessary to change any personal details on your account, please contact us and we will gladly make the changes in your account.

What do I do if I get an application error?

The most common error occurs when the Access Database Engine has not been installed or it hasn't been installed correctly. To rectify the error you need to uninstall SmartSchedule, reboot your system and then reinstall the software again. Make sure that the Access Database engine,given on our website, is installed.

How will I know how many credits I have left?

The amount of credits in your account will always show in the bottom-left corner when you open the SmartSchedule program.

 What do I do if my SMS messages get sent as "Dear M" ?

If the messages get sent with the initials then it would be better to retype the message in the settings tab by using the field [TITLE] and [SURNAME] instead of [NAME]. The message will then be sent as " Dear Mr Abrahams".

How do I register after my trial has expired?

Go to our website and click on signup and from there just follow the given instructions as to how you can register.

 Can the recall messages have more than one scheduled time?

Unfortunately, the recall messages can have only one scheduled time e.g 12 months.

How do I remove a resource?

Above the calendar, there is a white bar with all the resource names in. To remove a resource, click on the white bar and untick the box of the resource you want to remove.

 How can I print the calendar?

Click on the following- home tab/reports/appointments. Choose the date that you would like to print. From there on, just follow the normal printing procedure.

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