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ScreenShots Of SmartSchedule Interface


Main Calendar

This is the main screen of Smartschedule Appointment Scheduling Software showing each of your resources in a column (each staff member).  You can double click on the time to add a new appointment.  As soon as you have entered the appointment, a SMS will be sent automatically to remind the customer of their appointment.
Schedule Software - Main Calendar



Appointment Message Templates

These messages are set up after you install the program.  This is where the message templates are stored. Our Appointment Scheduling Software allows you to use any existing template to send SMSs quickly and reliably.

Scheduling Software - Appointment Message Templates

New SMS Message

You can send general messages from this screen.  You can also choose whether you want to send the message immediately or at a scheduled time.

Appointment Software - New Messages

Application Settings

Security, SMS and Appointment Settings.

Appointment Schedule Software - Applications Setting


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